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Net weight: 15g - 0.529 Oz

This Wild Thyme Linalol is the finest and most exceptional ne of our scrubland, with notes of Lavender, Bergamot and Verbena, it will recall the 1950's natural women eau de toilette.

A Quality Organic wild aromatic for a culinary or medicinal use, from a traditional French gathering in our garrigue.

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The pepper box is made up of 6 metal pots & 2 grinders carefully set in a modular molding, then closed in a kraft box printed "Sacré Français, pieces conoisseur" is a phrase that sums up the values of our activity.

100% Sacré Français


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

Its use is essential to give the food a little kick: from red meat to potatoes, vegetables to cheeses. This mixture goes well on chocolate desserts and on fruit preparations.

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Poids net : 20g - 1,763 Oz

Idéal pour les utilisateurs du curcuma frais.
Racine mère bio déshydraté en basse température. Utilisez les comme des champignons séchés sur corde.

En infusion, en salade, en marinade, en poêlé et wok et tout autre cuisson humide vous retrouverez le Rhizome comme un frais. Le curcuma est une plante vivace cousine du gingembre et de la Galanga.

Cannelles, Galanga

Wild Thyme Thuyanol
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Net weight: 15g - 0.529 Oz

This wild Thyme Thuyanol is the rarest and finest of our garrigues, amazing for the upper respiratory tract (ENT).

A Quality Organic wild aromatic for a culinary or medicinal use, from a traditional French gathering in our garrigue.



Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

The black pepper of the Sambirano Valley is one of a kind. This strain called S49, is a natural cross of muntok and pepper from Indonesia introduced after the disease of the 30s that decimated the original which was imported by Gustave Prudhomme during his trip to Java.

Its floral, fresh, citrus, wallflower and herbaceous notes give it a unique taste when it is produced and worked as it should on this exceptional terroir.


Net weight: 25g - 0.882 Oz

Ah ... the Herbes de provence! Just smelling them makes you feel like you're under the sun! Savory, Oregano, thyme, rosemary are the 4 aromatic plants that make up the Herbes de provence.

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