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Net weight: 30g - 1.058 Oz

Major, powerful and characteristic spice, the nutmeg should be grated at the last moment, on your crushed potatoes, vegetables ....


Net weight: 25g - 0.882 Oz

Ah ... the Herbes de provence! Just smelling them makes you feel like you're under the sun! Savory, Oregano, thyme, rosemary are the 4 aromatic plants that make up the Herbes de provence.


[Translation in progress] Cette graine aromatique brute est la base de la cuisine Oriental. Si vous aimez le cumin, son utilisation sera multiple : salée ou sucrée dans vos poissons, viandes, volailles, légumes, salades printanières, thés aromatisés …


Net weight: 100g - 3,526 Oz

This seed must be crushed or infused in order to develop all its nutritional properties. Brown linen has a refined taste of hazelnuts.


Net weight: 100g - 3,526 Oz

Pumpkin seeds can be used whole, grilled or ground. These seeds can be an added value to your vegetable soups, salads or homemade breads. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, their properties are numerous and their health benefits are well known.


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

This greenish and oval aromatic seed is marked with ten striations. This spice can easily be incorporated in your preparations at the beginning of the cooking (to develop its aniseed aroma).


Net weight: 20g - 0.705 Oz

This French hyssop is harvested and dried, both leaf and flower, and has a floral flavor, lavender, long savory, penetrating and slightly minty.

Wonderful with fish, white meats, raw and cooked vegetables. Beneficial for the respiratory tracts, Hyssop can also be used in infusions.


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

Flavoured with southern curry celeri and nuts,  fenugreek is very rich and very used in Indian cuisine. Its seeds are the fruit of an 8 cm long pod containing about 20 seeds of beige color.


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

This aromatic spice seed also called black cumin can be used as a pepper. The nigella has a taste of savory, licorice, lime, lemon and pepper with a slightly hot and pungent flavor.

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