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Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

The black pepper of the Sambirano Valley is one of a kind. This strain called S49, is a natural cross of muntok and pepper from Indonesia introduced after the disease of the 30s that decimated the original which was imported by Gustave Prudhomme during his trip to Java.

Its floral, fresh, citrus, wallflower and herbaceous notes give it a unique taste when it is produced and worked as it should on this exceptional terroir.


Poids net : 40g - 1,411 Oz

Une sélection premium de 3 poivres de Madagascar d'une qualité rare : poivre vert, poivre noir de la vallée du Sambirano et poivre sauvage des hauts plateaux.


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

Its use is essential to give the food a little kick: from red meat to potatoes, vegetables to cheeses. This mixture goes well on chocolate desserts and on fruit preparations.


Net weight: 30g - 1.058 Oz

Of all the categories of peppers at different stages of ripening, this green pepper is the least pungent. Called fried green pepper, it is obtained thanks to an innovative process (injection of cottonseed oil and dehydration at low temperature) in order to preserve its organoleptic qualities (keeps its taste, odorous ...).

Your marinades or green pepper sauces will be extremely tasty.


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

Its use is diversified and unavoidable to bring out the food's flavors: it goes wonderfully with Indonesian and Moroccan dishes. It can be used on fruit desserts (pineapple, melon).

Tailed Pepper "Cubeb"


Net weight: 20g - 0.705 Oz

This pepper has notes of flower essence such as jasmine, rosewood, nutmeg, lemon, licorice and pepper. It becomes progressively aromatic and warm once in the mouth.

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