Épices en poudre

Coriandre, vanille, muscat, cumin, réglisse...toutes nos épices poudres sont sélectionnées avec soins.

Les producteurs, auprès desquels nous nous fournissons en direct, affinent et raffinent leurs épices selon des méthodes douces traditionnelles. 

Épices en poudre - Coriandre, vanille, muscat, cumin, réglisse

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Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

Fine powdered Ceylon Cinnamon is the best variety, sweet and light in color, this pastry spice queen is a major success asset of your cuisine. It is a powerful antioxidant with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

A base of contemporary and traditional cuisine, this premium spice is a dehydrated rhizome (root) in base temperature from the mother root.

Turmeric is a perennial cousin of ginger and galanga.

This spice powder quality is dehydrated in temperature base to retain all properties and taste qualities.

Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

This root is cut into strips and dried at low temperature and then milled to obtain this high quality powder. Essential aromas are magnified. This ginger powder comes from a sound agriculture and contains high quality propreties.

If you like ginger, you can use it salty or sweet daily.


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

This Indian spice mix with French influences, very sweet and fine, is a great delicacy. Made out of curry leaves, turmeric, condiments and yellow mustard, this rare mix is a family-friendly curry and can be accompanied by wine.

This powdered spice mix from Pondicherry, is cooked like Colombo (preferably after high heat cooking)

Une création & nouveauté Sacré Français

Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

This excellent ground cumin is the queen spice of oriental cuisine, our freshly ground cumin will delight you, and you can use it in many ways; salty or sweet in your fish, meat, poultry and vegetables.


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

The Lebanese landmark spice, it is a composition mixture such as Zahaátar, writting Zaatar or Zahatar (see ours). It is a substitute for the salt, with notes of citrus and sweet red fruits, making you salivate on each side of the tongue like salt. It is called the vinegar tree in Sicily and Lebanon. Not to be used when cooking, you can add some on your hummus as a fleur de sel.

Poids net : 50g - 1,763 Oz

D'une belle production organique Hongroise , sa saveur de poivron sucré lui donne ses notes gourmandes. C’est une épice indispensable pour toute la cuisine du soleil.


Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

The Zest of kaffir lime that's been dried at low temperature and milled can help to preserve all the flavors of this wild tropical lime.

Its olfactory structure begins with lemongrass, lime, lemon  and lastly ginger.

If you like kaffir lime, you can use it in many ways; rougails, pepper sauces, poultry, fish, vegetables...


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

Madagascar nutmeg powder, made from the nutmeg nut, is a flagship kitchen spice that keeps a beautiful taste structure.

Ideal on your vegetable dishes, fish and sauces.


Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz


This powdered clove can be diffusly used in pastry and other dishes, its properties remain the same.

It is important to keep this spice in a dry place and away from sunlight.


Poids net : 40g - 1,411 Oz

Le piment d'Espelette est un piment typique du Pays Basque français. Il devient un piment au moment de sa transformation. Dans tout le sud-ouest il s'utilise quotidiennement comme le poivre noir. Ce Légume transformé en épice à une saveur bien typique de poivron, de fleurs et de tomate confite.

Cette une épice phare de la culture française du Sud Ouest, généralement peu piquant et très aromatique.

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