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Peppers gift box

VAT included

The pepper box is made up of 6 metal pots & 2 grinders carefully set in a modular molding, then closed in a kraft box printed "Sacré Français, pieces conoisseur" is a phrase that sums up the values of our activity.




1 grinder of Madagascar lack peppercorn,  flavors of flowers and undergrowth.

1 grinder of Penja white pepper from Cameroon, a reference with a very animal nose and a freshness when grinding the berries.

1 metal box of fried green pepper, an incredible process to preserve the typical herbaceous aromas in your sauces, your various infusions and your marinades.

1 metal box of  Kampot white streaked pepper. A new and unique Khmer white pepper with notes of white flowers or the seeds have a streaky appearance like a coriander berry.

1 metal box of wild pepper "voatsiperifery" , with a sweet spiciness and an aromatic bouquet of flowers, wood essence, fruits and freshness.

1 metal box of long pepper of java, it is hyper aromatic, with flavors of mace, flowers, juniper and eucalyptus and a most antiseptic pepper.

1 metal box of Sichuan berries come from this beautiful Chinese region has become classic in metropolitan France.

1 metal box of wild Timut berries of Népal, with its aromas of citrus fruits, orange then grapefruit.


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