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  • Poivre du paradis - Maniguette
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Grains of paradise - Melegueta pepper

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Net weight: 40g - 1,411 Oz

The melegueta pepper has a warm and pungent sensation on the palate, bit its notes cinnamon, coconut and cardamom notes will add flavour with a touch of exoticism to all your dishes.


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Latin name: Amomum melegueta


The melegueta pepper is a spice of African origin. This seed was grown in the regions of Liberia and Sierra Leone, the former "Pepper Coast". Once dried, it replaces pepper. This is why it is also called: Guinea pepper or African pepper. The Portuguese make melegueta pepper their first conquest in terms of spices, then after them come the Moors and finally the Arabs. The grains of paradise entered our cuisine only very recently.


From the zingiberaceae family (producer of essential oils), such as ginger and turmeric, this plant produces large capsules containing multiple pyramidal seeds. For all its flavors to emerge, the pepper must be in grain and milled at the last moment. The melegueta pepper provides a hot and pungent sensation, but its cinnamon, coconut and cardamom notes will add exotic flavours to everything that you make.

Its use is essential to bring out the taste of food: mostly in all your dishes that consist of vegetables, fish and meat.

It is an essential spice in the development of new pepper blends.


First, the piperine it contains is an alkaloid (sensation of pseudo-heat). It has antioxidant and anticancer properties (associated with turmeric). In addition, it is antibacterial. It protects the digestive system and works up an appetite. Finally, pepper is known for its aphrodisiac, toning and fortifying  effects on the body. It is an anti-aging tonic.


This sought-after spice was long forgotten, except by the West Africans who used it to flavor beer and also as a remedy ...


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