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Tasmanie pepper

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Net weight: 30g - 1.058 Oz

Its use is a must in Australian local cuisine with the "Bush Tucker" which means "food from nature". Ideal when cooking fish or shellfish with lemon juice, red meats such as venison, and on desserts.




LATIN NAME: Tasmannia lanceolata

ORIGIN: Tasmania


This pepper originates from Tasmania, located in the southeast of the Australian continent. Aborigines use the leaves of this shrub in their traditional cuisine. It is known by other names: mountain pepper, native pepper, peppered Tasmanian berries ... Due to its low yield, this rare pepper can be found in freeze-dried form. Although its black fruits look like pepper, this berry belongs to an entirely different family, that of the shrubs that are found in the southern emerald: winteraceae.


Each pepper berry contains small seeds. It is best to keep in grain and pound or grind just before tasting.

Like most of its cousins, Tasmanian pepper can't stand being cooked for too long. Its red fruit flavours and gofle make it a spicy spice with animal and fruity aromas.

Its use is common in Australian local cuisine. The "Bush Tucker", which means "food from nature" is an art of living and eating. Tasmanian pepper goes well with fish or shellfish with lemon juice, red meats such as game and red fruit desserts.


From the bark to the leaves all the way to the fruit, this shrub is entirely used in local cuisine.


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