Poivre long de Java
  • Poivre long de Java
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Java long pepper

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Net weight: 20g - 0.705 Oz

This pepper has notes of flower essence such as jasmine, rosewood, nutmeg, lemon, licorice and pepper. It becomes progressively aromatic and warm once in the mouth.


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LATIN NAME: Piper longum


Java long pepper comes from an island in the Maluku archipelago (east of Indonesia), nicknamed "Island of the Kings" by Arab traders and the greatest explorers (for its density in varieties of spices). This long pepper is one of the first spices to arrive in Europe, well before peppers. It has other names: Long pepper, Lindi pepper, Mignonnette. Long pepper acclimates in many countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sumatra ... It is one of the most important plants of the Ayurvedic medicine in India.


Belonging to the Anacardiaceae family (shrubs of the Mediterranean basin), it is found in the wild. Its fruits are centered in cylindrical spikes. Picked before maturity, they are then dried in the sun, hence their brown hue. For all its flavors to emerge, long pepper should be milled at the last moment. It shouldn't be infused. This pepper has notes of vanilla, nutmeg, lemon, licorice and pepper, but also a slightly pungent and bitter taste that becomes aromatic and warm once in the mouth.

It is an essencial spice in the Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. It will aromatize all your dishes, meats, fish, vegetables velouté soup. To sprinkle on an ossobuco. It is also incorporated in cheeses and fruits.

It is a spice that is found in famous spice blends.


First, it has antioxidant properties. In addition, it is antibacterial. Java long pepper is an excellent carminative. Finally, this spice is known for its aphrodisiac , toning and fortifying effects on the body. It is an anti-aging tonic.


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