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Tonka beans

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Net weight: 20g - 0,705 Oz

Tonka bean with flavors of bitter almond, pistachio and vanilla is like a nutmeg.

Replaces vanilla in sweet recipes and nutmeg in salty ones.




LATIN NAME: Dipteryx odorata


Tonka beans are native to the Caribbean and South America. The word Tonka comes from the "tupi" language. This spice was seen as a lucky charm among the South American tribes. People even used to say that it has some magic powers! In Guyana, Tonka was also used in a superstitious way. It was given the power to make wishes come true. This spice contains coumarin (which is used in the manufacture of certain perfumes but also to flavor tobacco). Nowadays, Tonka beans are used by great pastry chefs.


Tonka beans come from yellow fruits. After harvesting those fruits, they are dried for a whole year before the Tonka is dipped into rum for several months. White crystals will then appear, guaranteeing its quality. Tonka beans contain coumarin that looks like vanilla. Those beans are considered as a spice: they are incorporated into different dishes. They release almond, pistachio and vanilla flavors. Its flavor is essential and unique. Tonka beans should be used at the beginning of cooking. It is important to note that it must be grated like a nutmeg.

Tonka beans can replace vanilla in sweet dishes: desserts made of fruit, chocolate, crème brulée, rice pudding, jams ... In salty dishes, use them with: seafood, fish, poultry, meat, game, vegetables ...

The Tonka beans are also useful in rum preparations. They will delicately perfume your drink.

It is a spice that will make you discover new flavors.


First, Tonka beans help the digestive system. This spice is beneficial for the heart and blood circulation. In addition, they are an excellent antioxidant. It should be noted that they have certain soothing properties.


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