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True lavender flowers

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It's an endemic, soothing and enchanting flower with relaxing properties. Use a pinch in your Catalan cream or herbal mix.




LATIN NAME: Lavendula vera angustifolia


English lavender or true lavender is native to the Mediterranean region. Very used in the sweet or salty cuisine, it has great medicinal properties.

We use it since Ancient history: The Romans used it to perfume baths and to maintain linen. This spice is often considered as a "precious" plant.

The term lavender appeared in the Middle Ages, hence its Latin name "lavare" which means wash. Its use was mainly medicinal (it was useful against infectious diseases). Currently, this flower is the "queen of plants" of Provence and we have selected for you the best producers; Ones who are concerned about the quality of their products.


Using flowers in recipes is original. However, it's is becoming more and more popular among top chefs. This spice has a very enchanting scent and a sweet aftertaste. It will bring a Provencal touch to your recipes. Lavender is added at the beginning of cooking to release all its flavors. A few pinches will be enough to flavor all your preparation. It mixes very well with cocoa beans, aromatic herbs...

There are many ways to use true lavender flowers: in the cooking water of pasta and rice, but also in broths, marinades, sauces and with fish. Lavender will season all the dishes. It will also flavor desserts (fruit salads...) with delicacy.

Finally, you can infuse a pinch of flowers in 200 ml of simmering water for 15 min.

It is an indispensable spice in Algerian couscous.


Lavender is most often used for its soothing properties (especially in baths to relax the body). This flower is beneficial for the metabolism. It has antiseptic, antispasmodic (against muscle spasm) and carminative properties. Finally, when applied on the skin, it will prove to be a natural wound healing product. It will regenerate the skin and will also be very effective against lice.


Nowadays, people throw rice and rose petals instead of lavender at weddings...

Lavande bleue

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