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Marjoram Dried leaves

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Net weight: 20g - 0.705 Oz

The pruned-trie marjoram leaf is extremely light, and has a softer tatse compared to oregano with a minty and citrusy touch that's more apparent when this herb is infused.




Latin name: Origanum majorana


Marjoram is an aromatic spice originating from Asia and the Mediterranean basin. Its been known for its invigorating virtues since ancient times (by the Greek herbal therapists as well as by Matthiole (Italian botanist) who considered it the queen of brain diseases and by Pliny who defined it as a digestion savior). Its Latin name " origanum majorana "means mountain joy, so it became a lucky charm to carry with you. It is only in the sixteenth century that they started growing it in France's sunny regions. The marjoram has several names: marjoram with shell, vulgar oregano, large oregano ... This hebs is nowadays used all year long.


We usually eat fresh or dried Marjoram leaves, which are extremely light and have a softer taste compared to oregano, with a minty and citrusy touch. This herb can be used at the beginning and at the end of cooking. It goes very well with garlic, olive oil, lemon, pepper and bay leaves. It often a component of the Herbes de Provence mix .

If you like its taste, you can use it to make savory dishes such as beets velouté soup, sausages, meats, poultry, fish, southern vegetables, omelettes, spring salads, tomatoe based sauces ... It is a must in the Mediterranean and American gastronomy.


The marjoram is an anti-stress plant known for its calming virtues. When infused, marjoram is used in : the good night tea. In addition, it helps regulate the digestive system while stimulating appetite. Although Greek mythology used it to defy love, marjoram is anaphrodisiac (reduces sexual desire). A last, it is a powerful antioxidant and helps improve joints. People suffering from blood coagulation problems should pay special attention (heavy legs, irregular sleep) because it contains vitamin K.


In the time of Aphrodite, the marjoram was considered a plant of love, the legend says that on May 1, girls adorn their window with a bouquet to find love ....


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