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Black pepper Madagascar

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Net weight: 50g - 1,763 Oz

The black pepper of the Sambirano Valley is one of a kind. This strain called S49, is a natural cross of muntok and pepper from Indonesia introduced after the disease of the 30s that decimated the original which was imported by Gustave Prudhomme during his trip to Java.

Its floral, fresh, citrus, wallflower and herbaceous notes give it a unique taste when it is produced and worked as it should on this exceptional terroir.




LATIN NAME: Piper nigrum


It is the whole world's most essencial spice. It still has good days ahead because global production is below demand. Produced on a large scale in Vietnam and Brazil, its quality is scarce and its trade remains a niche market to date.

Pepper was originally used as an offering to the gods. It then served as money (comparable to gold), ransom and even tax. In the past, everyone's wealth was measured by their stock of pepper. Pepper is used nowadays as a last-minute condiment to bring out the taste of food.


From the family of piperaceae (lianas, shrubs), its flowers are hermaphrodite and pollinated by rain. These fruits form a cluster about 15 centimeters long containing about forty berries. These pepper berries are of different colors depending on their degree of ripening (black, green, white, red). The pepper is picked at maturity and then dried in the sun so that its pulp becomes black. With less water it will be more stable and its aromas more concentrated which we'llcall the essences. The grain must be ground at the last moment for it not to oxidize.


Gray pepper comes from the mass market. When it is ground it is often impure and of very poor quality. In ports like Bordeaux, pepper was imported as a whole.


The piperine it contains is an alkaloid that gives a sensation of pseudo-heat. It has antioxidant and anticancer properties (associated with turmeric). In addition, it is antibacterial. It protects the digestive system and work up an appetites. It is also an anti-aging tonic .


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