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Green Pepper Fried of Madagascar

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Net weight: 30g - 1.058 Oz

Of all the categories of peppers at different stages of ripening, this green pepper is the least pungent. Called fried green pepper, it is obtained thanks to an innovative process (injection of cottonseed oil and dehydration at low temperature) in order to preserve its organoleptic qualities (keeps its taste, odorous ...).

Your marinades or green pepper sauces will be extremely tasty.




Fried Green Pepper of Madagascar

LATIN NAME: Piper nigrum


Pepper was originally an offering to the gods. Subsequently, it was used as money (comparable to gold), ransom and even taxes. It originates is from the Ghats (mountain range) and grows on the Malabar coast (West India). It was then used in other places like Asia, Madagascar and Brazil. Called "poivre", is was Pierre POIVRE , governor of Mauritius who gave it his French name "poivre". In the past, everyone's wealth was measured by their stock of pepper. Currently, it is used as a last-minute condiment to really enhance the flavours in meals.


From the family of piperaceae (lianas, shrubs), its flowers are hermaphrodite and pollinated by rain. These fruits form a cluster up to 15 centimeters long and containing about forty berries. These pepper berries are of different colors depending on their degree of ripening (black, green, white, red). Fried green pepper is picked when young. This fried pepper, unlike green pepper, is created through an innovative process that retains its organoleptic qualities (keeps its taste, fragrance ...). For all its flavors to emerge, the pepper must be ground and milled at the last moment. It is softer and more tender than black pepper. The fried green pepper is a little spicy but gives off a feeling of freshness. Its fruity taste will add a tropical touch to your every meal. It goes great with pepper mixes, powders and aromatic herbs.

Its use is essential to bring out the taste of food: it will embellish sauces, meats, poultry, fish and shellfish and even your drinks!

It is a reference spice thanks to its production methods.


First, the piperine it contains is an alkaloid (sensation of pseudo-heat). It has antioxidant properties. In addition, it is antibacterial. It protects the digestive system and works up an appetite. Finally, pepper is known for its aphrodisiac, toning and fortifying effects on the body. It is also an anti-aging tonic


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